January 8

7:15 9:30  

Gong Show

(Chair: Anastassia Ailamaki)



20 people had 5 minutes each to present: their most outrageous idea, or a challenge they would like to see the community work on, or any other thoughts to get the attention of the audience. There were prizes for the best presentations in different categories.



Anastassia Ailamaki:

CIDR 2007 Gong Show


Jim Gray

David Maier

Yi Chen

Stavros Harizopoulos

Michael Stonebraker

Witold Litwin

Alon Halevy

Kevin Chang

Jose Enrique Armendariz-Inigo

Eugene Agichtein

Johannes Gehrke

Jignesh Patel

Qiong Luo

Arnaud Sahuguet

Pat Helland

David Karger

Hamid Pirahesh

Matthias Bender

Martin Kersten

Prof. Short and Dr. Tall