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CIDR offers a venue for the presentation of on innovative data systems architectures, as well as a prestigious publication opportunity. Such papers are typically speculative or are system evaluations. The visionary papers usually lack rigorous frameworks, simulations of performance, or prototype implementations. The prototype descriptions generally are a detailed report on successes and mistakes. There is no venue among the major DBMS conferences for papers on such work. Traditional conferences usually reject such submissions. However, these are often the very papers that offer long term value to the field, and should be widely disseminated. CIDR will not compete with the established conferences presenting rigorous treatises in established areas; rather its goal is to air radically new ideas.

The conference will be single-tracked. Proceedings will be published both as a website and in book form. The conference will run every-other year, typically in the fall or winter during non-HTPS years.

Important Dates
The CIDR conference is sponsored by the VLDB Foundation in co-operation with ACM SIGMOD.
Important Dates
  • Submissions: August 8, 2002
  • Acceptance: October 20, 2002
  • Final Versions: November 15, 2002
  • Conference: January 5-8, 2003
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