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The biennial Conference on Innovative Data Systems Research (CIDR) is a systems-oriented conference, complementary in its mission to the mainstream database conferences like SIGMOD or VLDB, emphasizing the system architecture perspective rather than mathematical models or algorithmic methods. Papers are invited on innovative and visionary approaches to data systems architecture. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: database systems, storage management, massive data analysis, software service infrastructure, scalability and dependability, personal information spaces, embedded and sensor databases, user interfaces for data-intensive systems, information integration and data cleaning architectures, databases and information retrieval, declarative systems, data management for e-science, data management in networks, self-managing systems, benchmarking and experimental methodology.





The format of CIDR 2009 will be different than in past years. Papers are to be submitted to one of two separate submission tracks, with accepted papers appearing in the published record in two separate electronic publications:

  1. Proceedings of CIDR (Academic Peer Review): For this track, we solicit scholarly papers on design, implementation, and experimental studies of innovative data management systems, architectures and applications. Preference will be given to papers describing useful insights from working implementations. Papers will be selected for this track via a traditional academic peer-review process, with each paper reviewed by three members of the program committee. When appropriate, authors are encouraged to include an additional one-page demonstration description detailing a 10-minute demonstration of the work to be given at the conference.
    Submission Format: 6-page scholarly paper, 1 optional additional page of demonstration description.
  2. CIDR Perspectives (Editorial Selections): In this track, we solicit thought-provoking essays on new ideas, emerging technical challenges, killer applications, unique experiences, insightful trendspotting, and provocative position statements pertaining to data management. This track is not intended for well-founded scholarly articles. Rather, the goal is to provide an outlet at an academic conference for discussion of provocative ideas that will inform the community, despite possibly being as-yet unproven or unprovable. The program committee will select a mix of articles from the submission pool, with an eye toward providing a diversity of topics that will stimulate discussion.
    Submission Format: 6-page essay (or shorter).


Papers should be electronically submitted in pdf format to CIDR2009. To encourage authors to submit their best work, each person can be an author or co-author of only one submission to CIDR, which they must designate for consideration for only one of Proceedings or Perspectives. If an author appears on multiple submissions, the PC may reject all those submissions without review.


Papers must be formatted using to the ACM SIG style. Final accepted papers will be given a 12-page space allocation; authors will be given an opportunity to appeal to the PC for additional space in unusual circumstances. Submissions will be reviewed by three members of the program committee. To encourage only the best work, each person can be an author or co-author of only ONE submission.



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