Women in DB: Discussion and Socialization (Open to All CIDR Attendees)

Chairs: Yuanyuan Tian & Alekh Jindal

To promote the diversity and inclusion of this year’s CIDR, we have organized a Women in DB: Discussion and Socialization event during the conference’s Monday lunch hour. There is an in-person version and an online version of this event. For the in-person version, some tables are reserved during Monday’s lunch at the Sunset Restaurant; and for the online version, a zoom session is set up for anyone who wants to participate virtually.

This is a very casual event, and it is open to all CIDR attendees who want to join the discussion around women in DB or just want to socialize. There is no pre-set topics and anything related women in DB can be discussed. If you have a specific issue that you are seeking advice about, join the event and bring your questions. If you are an established researcher and willing to share your experiences, your participation will be greatly appreciated. Or if you just want to hang out and socialize, you are very welcome.