CIDR 2019 Gong Show

Monday January 14th

Elastic In-Memory Transaction Processing for Multi-Tenant Database Systems
Seyedehsharareh Mirzargar (EPFL)
Revisiting RISC-style Data Management System Design
Danica Porobic (Oracle)
Selectivity Computation for In-Memory Query Optimization
Jun Hyung Shin (University of California, Merced)
NullDB: Instantaneously Answering Any OLAP Query
Andrew Crotty (Brown University)
Query-Driven Data Cleaning for Exploratory Queries
Stella Giannakopoulou (EPFL)
Bringing Databases up to Pocket-Scale
Carl Nuessle (University of Buffalo, SUNY)
Making Neural Network Optimizers Practical
Rebecca Taft (Cockroach DB)
The End of the x86 Dominance in Databases?
Huanchen Zhang (Carnegie Mellon University)
Crazy Idea! Databases ⨝ Reinforcement-learning Research (CIDR2)
Eugene Wu (Columbia University)

Tuesday January 15th

Decentralized Search on Decentralized Web
Eric Lo (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Serverless Event-Stream Processing over Virtual Actors
Philip A Bernstein (Microsoft Research)
Diversity of LSM tree shapes
Mark Callaghan (Facebook)
Serverless Foundations for Elastic Database Systems
Johann Schleier-Smith (UC Berkeley)
The I's Have It: Identity, Immutability, Idempotence, and Interchangeability Form the Backbone of Distributed Computing
Pat Helland (Salesforce)
Tools for Advanced Time Series Analytics: Enabling the Future
Nesime Tatbul (Intel Labs and MIT)
Storing and Querying Social Graph Data on a Variety of Distributed Systems
Christine Reilly (Skidmore College)
CryoDrill: Near-Data Processing in Deep and Cold Storage Hierarchies
Marcus Paradies (German Aerospace Center)
Calling a Server-Less Function from a Container-Based System: Why This Fad?
Christoph Bussler (Oracle Corporation)
Data warehouses are dead, long live data warehousing!
Mehul Shah (Amazon)